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Pilkington Profilit

Translucent Linear Channel Glass System

The Pilkington Profilit™ channel glass wall system consists of self-supporting cast glass channels and an extruded metal perimeter frame. The end result is a wall that obscures vision but allows light to pass through. It can be used in interior or exterior applications, and installed vertically or horizontally. For added energy efficiency, see Pilkington Profilit with Lumira® aerogel insulation.

LAX, Tom Bradley International Terminal designed with Pilkington Profilit™ translucent channel glass system

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CSI Format Specs

Arch Spec Manual/Details - U.S.

Arch Spec Manual/Details - Canada

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  • Available in long channel lengths – up to 23 ft (7 m)
  • May be tempered or filmed to meet impact safety requirements
  • Allows passage of light while maintaining privacy
  • May be insulated with Lumira® aerogel for energy efficiency
  • Sound insulation (up to 42 db uninsulated, 44 db with Lumira aerogel insulation)
  • Can be utilized in curved walls
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • Aluminum perimeter frame provides additional structural strength
  • Interior applications may be installed into wood jambs or millwork instead of TGP’s aluminum framing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Proven performance – used in Europe for more than 30 years
  • Most channels available with pinstripe wires

Performance Data

Approx. face width:
K22 K25 K32
9.13 in (232 mm) 10.31 in (262 mm) 13.03 in (331 mm)
Approx. flange height: 2.36 in (60 mm)
Thickness: .28 in (7 mm)
Max length: Up to 23 ft (Varies according to windload and project requirements)
Weight/ft2 of channel surface (including frame & components): 12 lbs / ft2 dual glazed
7 lbs / ft2 single glazed
Light Transmission: 70-75% (uninsulated, varies with coating)
U-Value (glass only): .49 (uninsulated), .40 (Low-E uninsulated), .21 (Low-E with 16 mm Lumira® aerogel  insulation), .19 (Low-E with 25 mm Lumira aerogel insulation)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: .70 (uninsulated), .45 (Low-E uninsulated), .42 (Low-E with 16 mm Lumira aerogel insulation), .31 (Low-E with 25 mm Lumira aerogel insulation)
STC Rating: 42 dB (uninsulated), 44 dB (with Lumira aerogel insulation)



Pilkington Profilit can be filled with Lumira® aerogel, a new class of lightweight insulation material produced by Cabot Corporation which is ideally suited for daylighting design. The exceptional thermal performance of Lumira aerogel helps increase energy efficiency. Lumira aerogel also promotes soft, even light dispersion, reduces unwanted noise and resists condensation.  TGP is the exclusive supplier of Lumira aerogel for channel glass systems.


Increases Light Diffusion: Eliminates glare, allows soft, even, light dispersion
Improves Acoustic Performance: Minimizes unwanted noise
Exceptional Thermal Performance: Reduces heat loss and minimizes solar heat gain
UV Stable: Maintains performance over time
Resists Moisture: Prohibits growth of mold, mildew and fungus
Provides Green Solutions: Reduces building design loads and conserves energy
Adheres to Guidelines: Meets and exceeds strict building codes

How Lumira Works Diagram

See Pilkington Profilit Insulation product page for more information.

Design Options

Please see the Pilkington Profilit™ Design Options page to see your options.

View available textures with the Pilkington Profilit Texture Module.

Texture Module

Envision what Pilkington Profilit looks like in a real-world setting. Use our innovative Texture Module to view available textures and finish options. See what Pilkington Profilit looks like up close, as well as a representation of how it affects the light and alters the view in a room.


Pilkington Profilit should be installed in accordance with approved shop drawings -- plumb, level, square and free from warp or twist while maintaining dimensional tolerances and alignment with surrounding construction.

Erect framing, vinyl spacer and glass in accordance with manufacturer's printed installation instructions. Seal glass units continuously on both sides of glass between frame and glass and between linear glass units. Install perimeter joint sealant and backing materials between assemblies and adjacent construction.


Pilkington Profilit has been tested to meet the following standards: AAMA 501.4, AAMA 101, AAMA 1801-97, AAMA/NWWDA 101/1, S.297, ASTM F 588-97, NFRC 100-97, ANSI Z97.1-1984, CPSC 16CFR 1201, Category II (with safety film). All testing carried out by Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA. Formal test reports are available by contacting Technical Glass Products.

Perimeter Framing System

(Details shown are not thermally broken.)

Perimeter Framing System


Please see our complete 3-part CSI format Pilkington Profilit specifications

Technical Glass Products can also offer project specific assistance upon request.

CAD Details/BIM Models

To obtain CAD details for Pilkington Profilit, please use our CAD request form.

To obtain BIM models for Pilkington Profilit, please use our BIM Model request form.

Care & Warranty

Download a PDF of our Care & Warranty Brochure.

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