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Architectural Glass Applications

TGP’s specialty architectural glazing and framing enables contemporary light-filled designs with expansive free spans and sleek features. From soaring curtain walls displaying vivid patterns and sophisticated nearly invisible partitions to channel glass with distinct colors, translucencies and textures, realize unique designs like never before.

Large span of architectural glass dividing airport security from the terminal.

Where is architectural glass used?

Architectural glass not only sets the tone for the experience of a space but also contributes to user well-being. Whether interior or exterior, architectural glass applications can foster connectivity with transparent lites, safeguard privacy with varying translucencies or make a statement with dramatic colors and patterns. When paired with modern framing methodologies, architectural glass applications can enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal, contribute to its energy efficiency by optimizing natural lighting and seamlessly integrate different spaces to create a sense of openness and spaciousness.

Today, TGP’s products facilitate architectural glass applications that can be used in the building envelope or deep within a building’s interior, including windows and doors, facades, curtain walls, architectural walls, interior partitions, wall cladding and more. Their versatility and ability to be engineered to meet specific design and functional requirements have made them an integral part of modern architecture. Apart from specialty glazing and framing applications, TGP also offers specialty glass shields against potentially harmful exposure to radiation in places such as medical facilities, airports and labs.