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Keep up with the latest fire-rated and architectural glazing trends, along with the industry’s hottest topics, direct from the experts. Check them out here.

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More than Windows: Getting the Most from Architectural Glass

When people think of architectural glass, they may only imagine windows. While they are an important part of any building, windows are far from the only way glass can be incorporated into the built en...

Meeting Building Trends With Channel Glass Architecture

Glazing is an important element of most architecture. According to Jim Graham, principal for Graham Baba Architects, it connects people to buildings. In addition to improving occupant comfort by incre...

Deep Diving into Channel Glass

When people think of architectural glass, most probably imagine flat panels installed as windows, doors or curtain walls. But there’s another option. Less common, channel glass can offer a high-perfor...

Commentary: A Transparent Product with Product Transparency

When considering products for a project, architects need a quick way to verify a material’s composition to determine whether or not the product will support their green building goals. That’s where De...

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