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Here’s what you need to know about steel curtain wall basics to get started on your next project.

Looking for information on steel curtain wall for your next project? Click on the sections below to learn about the different types of curtain wall, steel vs. aluminum systems, product testing, how curtain wall can contribute to LEED standards, curtain wall applications, innovations, challenges and more.

Learn some basics like the difference between a storefront and a glazed curtain wall, common fenestration materials and how steel curtain walls can work for your next project.

Gain an understanding of what testing is required for curtain wall systems, learn about fire-rated options and see how steel curtain walls can help contribute to LEED standards.

From monumental and atrium-type entrances to stairwell and elevator cores, read on to learn about the options in steel curtain wall applications.

Learn more about why steel is a good alternative to aluminum curtain walls, as well as the benefits of using steel.

Steel curtain walls can be used to create angles, slopes and achieve great free spans, creating truly dramatic results. Read more about the advanced features modern steel curtain wall systems can provide.

Read about the common challenges to be aware of when working with curtain walls and how modern systems solve these problems.

Learn more about the steel curtain wall product options available from Technical Glass Products.

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