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Architectural Walls and Partitions

Providing a depth and profile not found in conventional glass wall applications, TGP’s translucent channel glass systems can create eye-catching architectural walls and partitions through engaging textures, lighting and shapes.

Architectural Walls & Partition Solutions

Channel glass systems consist of self-supporting, U-shaped cast-glass channels mounted in an extruded aluminum perimeter frame. The versatile segments are available in varying colors, translucencies, and textures, and are cast in up to 23-ft lengths. They have the desirable ability to create architectural walls and partitions that diffuse large amounts of light while obscuring vision. With their unique linear form, TGP’s channel glass products can be used as much to contribute to the art of building design as to diffuse daylight.



Channel Glass Basics

Learn about channel glass design options, installation, product testing, contribution to LEED standards, applications ranging from single story to multi-story, and more.

See Channel Glass Basics

Pilkington Profilit Design Options

Get a feel for the various textures, colors and options available for Pilkington Profilit products. Simply click through tabs to get a realistic picture of how it will look in your next project.

See Design Options

Pilkington Profilit Texture Tool

Envision what Pilkington Profilit looks like in a real-world setting. Use our innovative Texture Tool to view available textures and finish options. See what Pilkington Profilit looks like up close, as well as a representation of how it affects the light and alters the view in a room.

See Texture Tool

Channel Glass FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about channel glass systems from TGP experts.


Case Studies

For more information on how to use TGP’s products on your next project, contact your local territory manager or contact us at