The Emerald


Case Study
Hollywood Casino

Columbus, Ohio

Architect: Marnell

Product: Pilkington Profilit™ Low-Iron, Wave Channel Glass with TGP ProColor® Translucent Metallic Gold Coating


Turning the site of an abandoned auto factory into a glamorous casino is no easy task. Pilkington Profilit™ low-iron, wave channel glass with TGP ProColor® translucent metallic gold coating helped the design team for the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio, achieve this goal by capturing the golden age of Hollywood from the outside in.

To create the Art Deco inspired exterior, the low-iron channel glass was custom tempered and coated in TGP ProColor translucent metallic gold high-performance coating. The cast-glass channel's low-iron composition allowed the design team to realize a more natural gold color from the coating, as it reduces the natural green hue typical of standard glass. The metallic coating and wave-shaped texture of the channel glass intensify color and light to form optical variations for casino visitors. This combination creates an exterior that sparkles gold in the daylight. At night, the backlit channel glass glows, illuminating the casino’s entrance.

The self-supporting, vertically oriented translucent channel glass strips and extruded metal perimeter frame form isolated channel glass “piers” that serve as dramatic decorative focal points for the casino’s exterior. Two channel glass piers flank the main entrances, framing an expansive, triangular digital billboard. Three channel glass piers fan out beyond each exterior entrance, descending in height. The piers are approximately 40 feet tall, 34 feet tall and 28 feet tall. The design concept is continued throughout the casino’s interior via columns made of three stacked, metallic gold channel glass tiers. The channel glass tiers incrementally reduce in width as the columns near the ceiling.

To welcome casino visitors in Hollywood style, four stacked elevations of metallic gold channel glass encase an adjacent parking garage. Its glimmering exterior spans upwards of 30 feet. Forty complementary custom channel glass light sconces help light the garage’s exterior.

Pilkington Profilit channel glass from TGP soars up to 23 feet, can be installed vertically or horizontally, and formed into straight or curved walls. It is available in a variety of textures and colors with varying degrees of translucency, allowing light through while maintaining privacy. Pilkington Profilit can be used in interior or exterior applications, with Lumira® aerogel to provide energy efficiency.

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